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Road rage may cause car accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Road rage could factor into a Maryland car crash. Such accidents would likely have been avoidable had the driver not behaved irrationally. However, some drivers let their anger get carried away, resulting in collisions.

Road rage and dangers

According to AAA, roughly 80% of drivers have at some point behaved aggressively behind the wheel. This can rise to the level of unacceptable road rage. Road rage involves more than merely acting antisocial. The behavior might cause an accident because the driver isn’t acting rationally. Sometimes, road rage incidents lead to both criminal and civil consequences.

Road rage involves more than aggressive driving – it could include deliberate actions to frighten or harm others. An angry driver may cut another vehicle off uncomfortably close and then drop their car’s speed down to well below the posted speed limit to punish someone for a perceived slight. Such reckless actions may increase the potential for a collision.

Road-raging drivers may make obscene gestures or hurl verbal insults. They may even challenge other drivers to fight. Road rage frequently leads people to regrettable decisions that could lead to injuries.

Worries about road rage

People worry about road-raging drivers because these motorists might cause car accidents. Some drivers could take steps to reduce their potential to lose control.

Drivers hoping to keep their tempers under control might wish to avoid stimulants. Besides risking distractions, anyone drinking coffee while driving puts caffeine into their system. Caffeine may boost irritableness, making someone susceptible to losing their temper. Various illegal drugs might do the same to a higher, more dangerous degree.

Others may benefit from calming themselves down before taking to the road. Aggressive behaviors, such as speeding or passing on the right, may cause collisions. Anyone responsible for negligent injuries could face a civil claim.