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What My Clients Say About Me

“The Law Office of L.A. Wilson, was professional and helpful. This firm was recommended by a friend. I am so thankful for that. I highly recommend L.A. Wilson’s law firm. They handled my case adequately, timely, and communicated with me throughout the entire process.” ~ R. Hemby

“During an extremely difficult and challenging period, Ms. China Wilson (Law Office of L.A. Wilson, LLC) proved to be an invaluable resource and consummate professional. She championed tirelessly on my behalf and for my causes, and as a result, I benefitted from a most favorable outcome. Rest assured, I could not have found a greater advocate, and I’m proud Ms. Wilson was (is) on my team!” ~ G. White

“You worked tirelessly to ensure the BEST possible outcome on my behalf and for that, I will always be grateful! I am so appreciative of the work you did, and the professional support and guidance you gave me. You are an outstanding lawyer, and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to friends and family.” ~ N. Hill

China Wilson is the REAL DEAL! I admittedly had never met or even heard of her before she was referred to me by a long time friend. I wound up calling my friend, in the 1st place, because every attorney I had called prior was quoting astronomical prices!

This was a SERIOUS traffic case considering my driving record over the last 20 years or so is literally riddled with speeding violations. In this particular case, I was pulled over in Howard County late one evening and I was clocked at something like 30 mph over the speed limit. Not only that, but the officer informed me that my license was also suspended! I was given 4 citations total: 3 of which were different ‘must appear’ variations of driving on suspended and the 4th was a payable fine for speeding.

If anyone has ever been pulled over and/or gone to court in Howard County, you know THEY DO NOT PLAY AROUND! I called China and she was very pleasant. She was soft spoken, but confident and straight to the point, which I appreciated. Best of all, she quoted me a price that was significantly lower than all the other attorneys I had called. Keep in mind, I had so much going on that I had actually forgot to send her the payment in the agreed time. I appreciate the fact that she was very patient and understanding. Once I sent the payment, she contacted me and let me know she’d do everything in her power to get me the best possible outcome. By the time we spoke again, a few days later, she had already been in communication with the prosecutor to work on a deal. I felt pretty good about my chances in court, but I pretty much knew, due to my previous record, that there was no way I was coming out of court without any points.

Fast forward to the morning of court, would you believe that somehow I wound up being 45 minutes late! Of course they called my name before I got there, but luckily, I’m assuming due to her rapport with the prosecutor, they put my case aside until I finally arrived. As soon as I got there, they immediately called my case. Long story less long, I walked out of court with the 3 driving on suspended charges DROPPED and I was given a probation before judgement for the speeding ticket! Keep in mind, this is pretty much unheard of with a driving record like mine, ESPECIALLY in Howard County!

Like I said in the very beginning, CHINA IS THE REAL DEAL and she definitely came through in the clutch for me. If you have any doubts about what she’s capable of, go back and read this testimonial! All true, you cannot make this up! If I ever need an attorney again, you KNOW who I’m calling!

Thanks again, China! ~ V. Eaton