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Pedestrian accidents happen on interstates

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Many assume pedestrians only find themselves in danger when crossing intersections in busy metropolitan areas, and they would be correct. Truthfully, Maryland pedestrians face accident risks anytime near motor vehicles, even in parking lots. Interstate highways present significant dangers because many vehicles, including tractor-trailers, pass by at speeds over 65 MPH. While fewer pedestrians may be on interstate highways, people find themselves on such roads. And they may find themselves in danger.

Interstate highways and pedestrians

Running across an interstate might seem faster than walking to a safe intersection, but deciding to dart onto a busy road could lead to fatalities. Unfortunately, many people try to run across a highway and suffer the consequences. However, these pedestrians may not be entirely at fault for the collision. The driver might share some blame if the driver was under the influence.

Other times, the driver could be wholly responsible for hitting a pedestrian. A road’s shoulder is supposed to be off-limits to moving traffic, providing a safe area for parked vehicles or pedestrians. If a car veers into the shoulder and hits someone, the driver could be liable for injuries. Hitting a parked car may lead to property damage claims, too.

Further concerns about pedestrians on highways

A driver traveling on an interstate could suffer mechanical issues, resulting in a disabled vehicle. Exiting the car could put a driver in harm’s way, as a distracted driver could hit the person and the stalled vehicle. Deadly pedestrian accidents might happen for other reasons, including performing work by the interstate or inside a lane.

A pedestrian might experience injuries that require costly medical care. Economic losses may further increase from the injuries’ effect on employment and savings. Civil litigation may lead to recovering the damages.