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Drive safe in the summer

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Summer is a fine time of the year for people to take to the roads for trips and vacations. Unfortunately, those many travelers on the streets may bring dangerous risks. People headed to popular beach destinations in Maryland could get into an accident. The same may be true for commuters running a routine trip to the store. Yes, summer can be a dangerous time for driving.

Summer hazards and risks

The summer comes with hot weather, which can affect driving. Someone dealing with an overheated, stalled car may run into safety risks on the road. Those without sufficient water might experience health issues. Imagine if an air conditioner didn’t work during a scorching day.

Keeping an eye on weather reports could keep a driver out of inclement or dangerous conditions. Making sure the vehicle undergoes routine maintenance might also cut down on some avoidable problems. Remember, a poorly maintained car may suffer performance woes that put people at risk for collisions.

Drivers might rely more heavily on their defensive skills during the summer season. Confused, lost, intoxicated, and fatigued drivers may be on the road. These drivers could cause accidents, including fatal ones.

Losses and summer accidents

No matter the season, negligent driving could contribute to car accidents. Someone on a summer getaway might speed far above the speed limit. The driver would likely face a serious negligence claim if the unsafe speed led to a crash. Speeding, like other reckless moving violations, often reflects negligence.

Car accidents could deal with costly medical bills, rehab fees, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Civil litigation may help an accident victim recover financial losses from a liable party.