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Most common reasons for truck accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Truck accidents happen far too often in Maryland as commercial vehicles are constantly using the eastern seaboard coastline and internal state highway system. Maryland is a small state with a significant population that leads to a vibrant economy throughout the region. Truck accidents typically happen for similar reasons even though each accident has unique aspects. And even with their similarities, they happen for a wide variety of reasons that can include driver error and haste to get to a particular delivery point by a specific time that often is not realistic.

Shifted loads and overweight cargo

One of the most common accident situations occurs when loads both inside a container or on a flatbed shift after working loose from anchors or internal braces. Not all loads are full, and extra open space can be a problem when a vehicle is in transit at a high rate of speed. Additionally, shipping contractors commonly do not secure loads properly at the point of origin, subsequently leading to serious truck accidents.

Driver error

There are many ways truck drivers contribute to causing big-rig collisions. Many drivers are on the road for extended hours trying to meet deadlines by a certain time, not to mention speeding while doing so. They often weave in and out of traffic with little to no signal, and many have been cited for driving under the influence following an accident. Distracted driving is also part of this scenario as many trucks are now equipped with modern video and audio technology that can be used while moving down the road.

These are just two major categories for truck accident causation. Distracted driving and failure to properly inspect rigs during hauling projects are also among the top reasons. Different types of rigs such as tanker trucks and mid-sized commercial vehicles experience other problems, and especially in bad weather conditions.