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Staying safe while driving an RV

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Recreational Vehicle Accidents |

Driving an RV in Maryland can be a fun adventure as it allows you to see many areas of the country with ease instead of searching for a hotel. Although RV accidents aren’t as common as those that involve other vehicles, they do happen. There are a few things that you can do before getting on the road to avoid accidents in this large vehicle.


A common cause of recreational vehicle accidents is fatigue. After logging a lot of miles, especially on back roads or a long highway with little traffic, you might find yourself getting bored and tired. Keep in mind that you’re not driving a small car or even a truck. Instead, you’re driving a small home with a kitchen, living area, and bedroom–take advantage of this. Try to find a campground or a large parking lot that allows vehicles to stay overnight so that you can use the beds that are available in the RV to get some sleep before getting back on the road.


While you might want to take as many items from home as possible in your RV so that you don’t have to stay in a hotel room or shop for items that you need while on vacation, try to monitor the weight of the vehicle. If it’s overloaded or you begin pulling too many items, then you could find that the RV is difficult to manage. Turns could be tricky with multiple items behind your RV, and some of the items in your vehicle might become overbalanced. This means that there could be more weight on one side than the other, resulting in an increased risk of being in an accident.

Before heading out on the road in your RV, consider a few ways that you can drive and pack safely to help avoid accidents.