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How a DUI could impact your career

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Drunk Driving |

If you are convicted of DUI, you could be subject to a fine, jail time and other penalties. It may also complicate your ability to obtain employment in Maryland or elsewhere in the country. This is partially because you’ll have a criminal record and also because you may not have access to reliable transportation.

Employers may consider you to be a liability issue

A company’s auto insurance premiums may increase drastically after hiring a worker who has a previous drunk or impaired driving conviction. Furthermore, any company that hires you may be vulnerable to increased liability because of your record. If you were to get into a crash while driving a company vehicle, an injured victim could argue that your employer engaged in negligent behavior. Even if you don’t actually pose a liability risk to an organization, it may not be willing to hire someone it perceives to make poor decisions.

A lack of transportation harms you in multiple ways

If you can’t drive to work because of a DUI, you could be limited to working for employers that are within walking or biking distance or that are near mass transit stops. Alternatively, you may have to consider finding jobs that can be done from home. The lack of a clean or valid license may also disqualify you from working in construction, transportation or other fields where employees must drive.

The fact that you were charged with DUI doesn’t mean that you did anything wrong. At trial, it may be possible to get the charge reduced or dismissed by casting doubt on a police report or other evidence.