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Dealing with pain after a car crash

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Car Accidents |

A car accident could leave someone more than mentally shaken up. An accident victim may suffer injuries that cause lingering, and sometimes serious, problems. Maryland car crash victims might contend with pain that bothers them immediately after the accident and, possibly, for weeks and months after the collision. There are several different types of pain they could experience.

Post-car crash pain

One common type of pain an accident vehicle suffers is a headache. Since headaches are common issues that people deal with, the victim may not think the problem is dire. True, minor head injuries could lead to minor headaches. However, the victim may not know why their head hurts without a proper diagnosis. A life-threatening blood clot or another condition could be causing the pain.

Back, neck and shoulder pain might manifest after a crash. As with headaches, the victim might not know the full extent of the cause of the pain. A sprained back is painful and aggravating, but a herniated disc may present more complex issues.

A person may go through personality changes after an accident. Dismissing such changes by blaming anxiety or stress could be misplaced. The victim might have a terrible traumatic brain injury contributing to the behavior. Needless to say, anyone suffering from a brain injury could benefit from a comprehensive examination.

Legal actions after suffering pain

Victims of car accidents could suffer constant pain due to various injuries. Treating the injuries may reduce the pain and restore the past quality of life. Recovering the costs associated with treatment and rehabilitation might require filing a personal injury lawsuit. The lawsuit may seek damages to pay for lost income as well

Plaintiffs might also seek compensation for pain and suffering. Such is often the case when reckless driving results in an injury-inducing collision.