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2021 was a deadly year for car crashes

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Any driver who has never experienced a terrible crash likely doesn’t worry too much about collisions. These drivers may follow safe practices on the road and understand reckless drivers and factors outside their control contribute to danger. However, they might not know how dangerous Maryland roads are. Statistical data from 2021 shows driving conditions may reach crisis levels, as the number of accidents and fatalities are up dramatically.

Data backs the worries

Those concerned about dangerous drivers on the road may base their fears on fatalities figures from 2021. The data comes from research performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which notes that 42,915 people lost their lives during that year. The numbers reflect a marked increase of 10.5% from 2020, a 16-year high.

2020 brought many global challenges, and numerous negative effects manifested over time. For example, an unfortunate number of people developed poor driving habits during that crisis. A reduced number of drivers on streets and highways led some to cheat traffic rules. That’s not to say everyone avoided citations or didn’t cause any accidents. However, some drivers saw their safety-conscious habits decrease. Carrying those behaviors into 2021, a year with far more drivers on the road could make dangerous behavior more deadly.

Factors contributed to awful figures

Unsurprisingly, negligence contributed to many car accidents and deaths in 2021. Not wearing a seat belt is a bad habit some drivers and passengers have and one that could cost a life. And yes, deliberate moving violations played a role in many tragic instances.

Speeding reflects a common and hazardous moving violation. Speeding vehicles cause many accidents, including serious ones. The same applies to intoxicated and distracted driving, two behaviors cited in many accident reports. Those whose misbehavior and negligence cause crashes might find themselves in serious criminal and civil legal trouble.