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Nine RV accident statistics and facts in 2022

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Recreational Vehicle Accidents |

RV accidents in Maryland and around the country can be particularly serious due to the larger size of these vehicles. While RVs can cause more damage and deaths, the fear around them isn’t necessary. The nine major RV accident statistics will give people a clearer picture of driving RVs.

Average annual RV-related deaths and hospitalizations

About 26 people die in RV-related accidents annually, which includes people hit by RVs. Passenger vehicles hit by RVs have the same risk of injury or death as people in the RVs. There are many factors in an accident, including safety steps taken by the people in the RV. About 75,000 people end up in the hospital annually from RV-related accidents, which includes people who died in the hospital.

RVs are safer than other vehicles and about 8.9 million people own RVs

The average vehicle accident fatality rate is 1.48 deaths per 100 million vehicles. RVs have a fatality rate of around 0.44 deaths per 100 million vehicles. Recreational vehicle accidents involving RVs have about 1/3 of the death rate of other vehicles. There are 30 million RV enthusiasts in the US, but about 8.9 million RV owners. Many more RV drivers rent their vehicles compared to other drivers.

Many RV drivers are seniors, but their popularity is rising

RV owners or renters are usually above 55, but seniors have a higher risk of accidents due to aging. Weakening vision and delayed responses can cause accidents and their age may increase their chances of injury. The popularity of RVs among people between 21 and 25 is rising. 38% of RV drivers are millennials, which is higher than the number of seniors on the road at any given time.

Causes of RV accidents and injuries

Trailer sway causes 500,000 RV-related accidents, which is higher than the annual injuries. Trailer sway doesn’t always end in major injuries, but pulling an RV behind a car needs the proper safety precautions. It’s rare for the trailers to tip over, but high winds tend to cause the situation.

The injuries from an RV accident tend to be around the face and head. The top injury during an RV accident is a head injury. Usually, when a person hits their head, the injury is minor. The next common RV-related accident injuries include cuts, fractures and facial injuries. Spinal cord injuries do occur, but they’re rarer.