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Who is at risk for a TBI in Maryland?

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Traumatic brain injuries can be devastating for any Maryland resident. While rare, traumatic brain injuries – also known as TBI – are still a huge risk that’s associated with certain occupations or activities.

Why is TBI so serious?

TBI is considered any injury to the head that causes injury to the brain. These injuries are usually closed head injuries, but it can happen if something goes into the skull as well.

Usually, people suffer TBIs after hitting their head or sudden jolts. The symptoms of TBI can range from mild to severe, with your average concussion being the mild form of TBI.

With severe TBI, there can be major health consequences such as comas, cognitive delays, and even loss of motor function. Moderate TBI could include lifelong symptoms such as chronic migraines/headaches, memory problems and mood changes.

Who’s at risk for TBI?

Research shows that men are more likely to get serious TBI than women. This is because men tend to work in occupations that might put them at risk for a head injury.

People can suffer from TBI after a fall, motor vehicle accident, sports injury or through being hit in the head with a weapon or tool. People who accidentally get hit in the head – say with a baseball or similar object – can also suffer from TBI.

What’s the recovery look like for TBI?

TBI recovery will depend a lot on the injury. Generally though, the younger you are the better your chances for a full recovery are.

Some TBI patients will deal with lifelong symptoms such as trouble sleeping, problems with mental health, and headaches. However, this is still mild compared to permanent cognitive dysfunction.

What to do if you suffer TBI?

You’ll want to work closely with your doctors to determine the extent of your traumatic brain injury. It’s important to plan for how this injury will impact you going forward.