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The penalties for driving without a Maryland registration

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Traffic Violations |

In Maryland, certain traffic violations are viewed very seriously. One of the worst violations is driving without a valid registration. It’s important to know what can happen if you are in that situation.

Driving with registration is the law

Per the law in Maryland, all drivers are required to register their vehicles with the state’s Motor Vehicle Administration. Drivers who fail to register their vehicles or who don’t renew their registration but drive anyway can face serious consequences. Driving without a valid registration can result in a criminal misdemeanor charge and serious penalties. As a result, it’s important for anyone who is found driving an unregistered vehicle to seek help and have a strong defense created for their case.

What are the penalties for driving without a registration?

When a person has been found to be driving without registration, it results in a criminal record that can adversely affect their life in numerous ways. A criminal record can potentially prevent a person from getting a job, getting a scholarship for school, being accepted into certain schools and even finding housing.

Unlike other types of traffic violations, people who drive without a registration don’t rack up points against their driver’s license. However, there are fines associated with this type of violation. If a person is found guilty of driving without registration, they can be made to pay a fine of up to $500. There are also other potential restrictions they might face against their driver’s license.

If the person is also found to lack insurance on their vehicle, they can expect even more penalties, including a fine of up to $1,000, points against their license and up to one year in jail. It’s also possible for their driver’s license to be suspended or even revoked.

The best way to prevent getting a misdemeanor charge for this violation is to make sure your vehicle is registered and that you renew the registration every year.