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Most common car malfunctions that lead to accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Many auto accidents in Maryland happen due to mechanical failure of some type. Even when vehicles are used for short trips close to home, malfunctions can happen that result in serious and sometimes deadly accidents. Studies have shown that these malfunctions are generally included in common categories, most of which could be easily repaired if owners would just take the time and investment to do so. The most common are no surprise to any vehicle owners.

Brake malfunctions

Accidents often occur when a vehicle fails to stop while following a leading motorist or at a stop sign. This is commonly due to malfunctioning brakes or brake lines. While many new vehicles have exceptional ABS braking systems, they can be expensive to repair when they wear, and many drivers put it off until the inevitable happens. This often results in car accidents.

Worn tires

Many vehicle owners will keep tires with minimal tread on their vehicle trying to get maximum value out of the tire. This is an unwise decision for the most part when the vehicle is used in any highway driving situation. A blown tire can leave little time for other drivers to react, not to mention potentially pulling the vehicle into the path of another motorist. Many motor vehicle crashes are the result of owners failing to change out tires when needed.

Other vehicle malfunctions include steering systems and drive train breakdowns that can cause a driver to lose control while in transit when suspension rods break. In addition, a lack of illumination can also quickly cause accidents after dark. Many vehicle owners do not recognize early when a headlight or tail light is not operating properly, which can result in a collision with another driver due to inability to recognize a car as opposed to a motorcycle with one headlight.